Ana Mar铆a Aboglio is a lawyer, specialized in Philosophy of Law and Animal Ethics. She has completed post-graduate studies in tort law and legislative procedure.

She has published several articles related to animal issues in print media and online. She has developed a deep interdisciplinary synthesis on this subject, within the framework of a holistic approach to the animal rights theory both in a social and ecological praxis, in order to extract the animal matter from the restricted 聽vision usually addressed with.

She joined the Centre for Ecological and Environmental Studies. She attended macrobiotic science, organic agriculture and natural therapies courses and seminars, participating in the scientific anti-vivisection movement with research essays and working guidelines for preventive medicine.

She took the Raw Food – Conscius 聽Eating workshop given by Tree of Life.

Participated in radio and television programs. Wrote essays on investigation and support of holistic medicine for both humans and other animals.

She founded 脕nima in 2000, the first Animal Rights organization in Latin America, combining theory with the practice of activism, carrying out an intense educational work for the promotion of veganism as the moral baseline for animal advocacy. Edited since then the pioneer website on the field ( She has also developed her own website:

She introduced the abolitionist approach in Spanish, both through her own work as well as through the authorized translations of its creator, Professor Gary Francione, who has publicly acknowledged her creative labor. She additionally incorporated the main streams of debate and many of the most important thinkers in the field of animal and environmental ethics.

She designed educational material in print and for online platforms, to raise awareness about animal protection and rights, as well as about vegan nutrition.

She actively participated in the national and international no-kill movement in defense of homeless animals, generating patterns of work through her 芦Proyecto Buenas Compa帽铆as禄 (Good Fellows Project) for its implementation by rescue groups in conjunction with local authorities and the community involvement as part of the pro-animal rights framework.

She translated the documentary A life connected, 2008, next to Diego S. Andrade.

She participated in social forums, including the latest National Forum against Violence in Argentina.

She has given several conferences, of academic level as well as targeting the general public, also participating in Vegetarianism and Animal Ethics congresses and campaigns to promote animal rights / the abolitionist approach and veganism.

She has published: La Voz de los Otros (narrative), 2004, Veganismo. Pr谩ctica de Justicia e Igualdad, 2009, 2011 and 2016 (essay and education), Lo siento mucho (narrative), 2011 and The Other Vision, en Why I Always Be Vegan (2015).

She is on the Editorial Council of ICAS magazine and text and voice in the documentary S.A.V.E.

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