Animals and rights in Animal Law

animal rights

Ana María Aboglio Traducido por Elizabeth Aldam. The Chair of Iberoamerican Studies Jesús de Polanco published a book titled The Law of Animals, containing articles under coordination by writer and journalist Basilio Baltasar. As typical of this collection –called Library of Governance and human rights–, texts related with fundamental human…

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Intervals between tempos

intervals enter tempos

Por Ana María Aboglio. Translated by Elizabeth Aldam.   Roars in the piano silence violins Entranced by red velvet quavers A lash vibrates among cords, Boards creak, cages grunt. Applause echoes the tempo of moans. This is the theatre of the nineteenth, The orchestra is heard among mobile phones But…

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Animal Rights, Science and Vivisection


Ana María Aboglio Traducido por Elizabeth Aldam. Revisión: Ana María Aboglio. When considering non human animals as ends in themselves and respecting them as sentient beings, we include them in the circle of our whole moral consideration. Nowadays, any defense on their behalf must forcibly enlighten those ethical spaces to…

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