The matter of rights

Legally protected rights and interests Every right protects a particular interest. The legally granted right to protect such interest doesn’t depend on others beings able to benefit with the loss of that right. It means a barrier, a specific limitation in the actions of others, that only gives way in predetermined circumstances in which the […]

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Welfarism and Animal Rights

Animal Welfare In our legal order -and in most of the countries-, animals have the category of things, with or without owners, and in this last case, they are susceptible of appropriation. As sentient beings, property of other individuals, their condition is comparable to that of the human slaves under the socio-economic system of slavery.

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Activismo abolicionista. La «otra mirada» como afección

RESUMEN Este artículo proyecta un foco central sobre la teoría abolicionista: si el punto de partida de un defensor de la animalidad no humana debe comenzar por la práctica del veganismo, su obrar como activista transformador requiere de una perspectiva bastante más compleja que la que surgiría de una mera divulgación intelectual, o de un

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